Andy Comley
is a singer/songwriter with a gift for writing and performing songs that move people. He says that his music is written as an emotional response to the moment, and the words are an emotional response to the music. He has been described as a poet and passionate, and he has touched audiences with his songs in the UK, Ireland and America at major festivals and venues. His music has a truthfulness and a raw honesty that makes it real and speaks to anyone with a heart and a hint of humanity. Andy has supported artists such as Boo Hewerdine, Emily Barker, Brian Houston, The Smoke Fairies, and Amy Wadge (Ed Sheeran).

“I love it!” Verity Sharpe (Radio 3 late Junction) review of the album 11:59
“What a beautiful voice!” Mark Carter BBC Sussex

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Wickham festival cancelled due to covid-19

Live on BBC Radio Solent 16/5/2020

Live on BBC Radio Wiltshire 25/2/17 11.30am Watch
video here

Live on BBC Radio Sussex 16/2/17

Carolyn (e-mail)
“Someone gave me a copy of your first CD to listen to, and just wanted to say how much I enjoyed listening to it. You have such a beautiful voice and a real talent for song writing (as I’m sure many people have told you) I just felt I should let you know how much I appreciate it...
Look forward to hearing more of your material in the future.”

Richard (e-mail)
“At the Star Inn we are used to quality bands, mainly blues based, and it was a wonderful surprise to sit and listen to a three piece who produced an evening of quite excellent music. Your song writing is both funny and sad, and the musicianship was superb. Reminiscent of Al Stewart mixed with David Gray, the songs and the music lifted the whole audience and the level of applause you received was well deserved, and rare in a pub with such strong live music pedigree. Many thanks from myself, and I suspect most of the fairly large audience that you commanded.”

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Beautiful life
Listen - watch - download
A slow, passionate, acoustic waltz of love and doubt. Featuring acoustic guitar, electric guitar, snare drum, vocals, all played, and produced by Andy.

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"Recorded in lockdown on keys and acoustic guitar, ‘Hope’ is a lovely slow’s a hymn for the times."
"wonderful" YouTube
"Beautiful music again" YouTube
"..a very nice tune Andy, well written, well played and very well sung." YouTube

Acoustic guitar, keys, kick and snare, electric guitar, all played by Andy

Cool water
Listen - watch - download
An up-beat full band recording to get you dancing. featuring Dave Bulbeck on bass, Andy playing acoustic guitar, keys and drums.
Often supported by ‘cut out’ electric double bass, Andy’s music is a fascinating mixture of styles; So, is he Roy Harper ? A little bit, but no. Is he Nick Drake ? There are allusions to it, but again no. So is he Nick Harper ? Well again, there are hints of the same freshness, but no. Therefore, by a simple process of elimination one might conclude that he must be Roy Drake??!!** Well, a quick search on the internet returns a family search for any information on a ‘Cornelius’ Roy Drake, b. 5 Apr 1825, so that’s unlikely.
And then you hear him live again and you know exactly who he is. He’s Andy Comley. And what’s more, he’s absolutely bloody brilliant at it !!

Write Angle Poetry club, Petersfield
...included the brilliant singer/guitarist Andy Comley, whose extraordinary high tenor voice was one of the highlights of the evening.

Do you believe in fairy tales?
Listen - watch - download
A dreamy track featuring the stunning saxophone of Deano Elson, with acoustic guitar, percussion, and bass played by Andy

La di da
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An up-beat, bouncy track loosly about beauty. Acoustic guitar, percussion, electric guitar and bass played by Andy

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An up-beat, guitar driven love song full of spring imagery. Acoustic guitar, percussion, electric guitar and bass played by Andy

The night
brings the dawn
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A thoughtful, vocal lead track. Whatever bad might be happening, nothing lasts forever, good things will come. Acoustic guitar,10 piece choir, electric guitar and bass played by Andy.


Nothing live at the moment, for obvious reasons, but that means plenty of recording time, so new music to listen to soon.

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A snapshot of a moment, during a rainy day visit. Acoustic guitar, harmonies, electric guitar, mandolin, keys, and bass played by Andy.

New Single
All that I am
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A love song.
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar,, keys, drums and bass played by Andy.
New Single
Oh me oh my
A love/hate song.
Acoustic guitar, electric guitar, acoustic guitar, keys, drums and bass played by Andy.